Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Roscoe Orman

Most actors don't choose their fate and when Roscoe Orman started acting professionally in the early 1970's, I'm sure he never guessed that his legacy would be that of playing Gordon on Sesame Street.

It was Sesame Street, though, that might have saved this actor from mainstream obscurity, as was the fate of many of his talented peers from that time period. And while he seems such a natural in the role of Gordon, his other roles have proven that his acting talents could have taken his career in a much different direction.

Roscoe Orman burst onto the movie scene in 1974 as the title role in the blaxploitation classic Willie Dynamite. And from there appeared on the stage as well as in several television shows like Sanford and Son and Kojack.

His starring role in Willie Dynamite as well as smaller parts in F/X  and New Jersey Drive are proof of this actors talents. And the fact that he ended up on Sesame Street  is just the reality of being an actor.

This fate has let Roscoe Orman become a positive influence to kids everywhere. And while I can't imagine him not playing Gordon, it's hard not to wonder what he would have done as an actor had the Sesame Street  job not come around.

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