Friday, July 13, 2012

G.D. Spradlin

G.D. Spradlin was not a leading man. In fact, his roles were usually smaller than the supporting ones. And yet, he added authenticity to any film that he happened to be a part of.

Often cast as sleazy politicians or prominent war figures, G.D. Spradlin was the perfect actor to punch up a scene. And he did this time after time in movie after movie.

His work as the corrupt politician, Senator Pat Geary, in The Godfather, Part II,  is proof that small roles can have a big impact. Few will argue the depth and beauty of that film and G.D. Spradlin's performance is a small part of a perfect piece that together help create that wonderful movie. A lesser actor would have made for a lesser film.

From Apocalypse Now  to North Dallas Forty and from The Formula  to Robert Kennedy and His Times, where he played Lyndon Johnson, G.D. Spradlin may not have been a star, but his performances helped make some of his co-workers become one.


  1. Hated him in "One on One" Truly a great bnad guy!

  2. Great in Columbo "Try and Catch Me" with Ruth Gordon.

  3. I remember him as the unnamed President in The Long Kiss Goodnight.

  4. G.D. Spradlin: One of the best and most distinctive character actors of the late 20th century. He never missed a beat.