Monday, July 2, 2012

Lisa Eichhorn

There are actors and there are movie stars. Lisa Eichhorn is an actor. And a good one at that. She had a promising start in movies which could have easily lead to stardom, but she fell off the radar almost as suddenly as she began the journey.

Had her early movies been box office successes, things probably would have turned out much differently. Unfortunately, Hollywood puts dollars over talent and Lisa Eichhorn ended up here, with the Not Very Famous, instead of top billing in a blockbuster motion picture.

After an eye-catching debut in 1979 playing opposite Richard Gere in the World War II drama, Yanks, she looked like the movie star of the future. Movie stars need audiences, though, and her next film, Why Would I Lie, with Treat Williams, failed to bring them in.

It was her performance in her following film, however, that really showcased her talent as an actor, when she played the alcoholic wife of John Heard in the little seen, Cutter's Way, which should have earned her an Oscar nomination, but just like her career, was overlooked by the mainstream public.

Today Lisa Eichhorn is still working as an actress, but the leading roles seem to be something of the past. She has the talent to carry a film, though, and hopefully the right project will come along so that more people can appreciate and enjoy what she has to offer.


  1. Loved her in 'yanks' it was a fab film. Saw her in a Midsommer Murders episode a few years ago. She is lovely and a very good actress.

  2. As beautiful and talented today as in the beginning of her career. We wish her well and hope to see more of her in the future!