Friday, June 29, 2012

John Savage

Today, John Savage's resume is full of movies that most people have never heard of. This wasn't always the case, though, as his early film career included several big films, including the Oscar winning, The Deer Hunter, which he was wrongly overlooked for an Oscar nomination.

In fact, his early films, many of which are forgotten today, are full of overlooked performances. Check out The Killing Kind, The Onion Field, The Deer Hunter, Hair, The Amateur and Inside Moves, if you would like to see for yourself the beauty and innocence that this talented actor can bring to a project.

In fact, all of those films previously mentioned showcase the innocent and tortured emotions that John Savage does so well. It seems that the mainstream movies of today care less about the characters and more about the movie stars that embody them. And as this shallow attitude has grown in Hollywood, the roles that actors like John Savage did so well, seemed to have dried up.

He still works as an actor, but the films he's been in of late have done little to put him back on the track he was on in the late 1970's and '80's. One can always hope that this trend will reverse, but if and when that ever happens, it's good to know that the earlier works of John Savage are still around to view and appreciate for years to come.

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