Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Franklyn Seales

Although at times his work in films felt a little theatrical, Franklyn Seales was a good actor whose untimely death from AIDS complications at the age of 37, robbed the entertainment world of a talent who could have gone far.

He's mostly known as Dexter Stuffins  in the 1980's sitcom, Silver Spoons, and while that program showed off his comedic talents, it was his dramatic side that lead to his career as an actor.

From his very first theatrical film, The Onion Field, Franklyn Seales and his then unknown co-star, James Woods, practically carry the film in their supporting roles. His compelling performance as killer, Jimmy Lee Smith, is not only powerfully intense, but heartbreaking as well. And any actor that can humanize a killer is an actor worthy of only the best that Hollywood has to offer.

The best never came his way, though, and with his death at such a young age, Franklyn Seales has gone on to actors obscurity. He was an interesting talent to watch, though, and it would have been wonderful to see where his career would have lead him. Sadly, the world will never know.

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