Friday, August 3, 2012

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson, also known as Thomas F. Wilson looks like an average person, which is why he most likely goes unnoticed from project to project. That is probably also the reason why his name is rarely mentioned along side other solid supporting players. He blends in so beautifully with whatever ensemble he's playing with that people forget they are watching an actor.

He's no fluke, though. He's been doing this since 1984 when he made his debut on the small screen in an episode of Knight Rider, and has continued to work both as an actor and comedian ever since.

His breakout role was as the bully, Biff  in Back to the Future and its two sequels, but it was his role as Coach Fredricks in the wonderful, but short lived televisions series Freaks and Geeks, where he really was able to shine. His ability to humanize a stereotypical character is easier said than done and he did it with ease, as with all of the characters he plays.

His name might not be on everyone's lips, but it should be, for often the best actors are the ones that you can't tell are acting. Tom Wilson is certainly one of those, which makes him Not Very Famous...but should be.

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  1. I've always regarded Tom Wilson highly. I think Michael J. Fox once said that one of the best things about the BTTF trilogy was getting the chance to work with Tom: "He's a very talented, very funny guy."