Friday, August 10, 2012

Fred Ward

Many people are familiar with the work of Fred Ward. His solid performances have enhanced  films for decades, and yet he is not the household name that he should be. One reason could be the fact that some of his best work, like Remo Williams, the Adventure Begins or Henry & June were box office disappointments.

Another reason could be the fact that he was in some pretty wacky films like, UFOria, Tremors and Miami Blues. And yet another reason could be that he often had supporting roles, in movies like Southern Comfort, Escape From Alcatraz  or The Right Stuff.

Whatever the reason, Fred Ward has a resume that most actors can only dream of having. However, it's not the list of films he's been in, but rather the quality of his work that shines in all of them. From tough guy to quirky hero, he is a fun actor to watch.

The size of his roles often vary from lead to supporting and his projects of late haven't been very high profile, but just having his name in the credits always boosts the quality of the project, making Fred Ward my pick of the day for Not Very Famous...but should be.


  1. Love his looks and natural easy going acting

  2. Have to disagree w/u on this one...Most folks I know do know is usually from Tremors...Remo was a great movie in establishing a character but people just are not into those types of movies and they should of started in the middle and went back and did the adventure begins...that would of made another great James Bond type considering the success of the books...he is a good actor and I do like him, but he just never gets out of the "B" lime light...

  3. He's famous... He got as big as he was gonna get...