Friday, August 17, 2012

James Hampton

Although his face may be recognizable, most people probably won't register the name. However, James Hampton is a working actor in not only television and movies, but in commercials as well. And appearing in those venues have kept him a busy man. Not famous, but busy.

His natural ability in front of the camera has enabled him to go unnoticed from role to role. This does not mean he's dull. It means he does his job, for not all roles are glamorous and James Hampton's body of work is the true example of that.

From F-Troop  to the Doris Day Show  and from The China Syndrome  to Sling Blade, James Hampton has flown under the radar, while at the same time helped make so many television shows and movies much better. And while he's been primarily a supporting actor, he proved he could carry a film with his heart warming performance in the 1976 western comedy, Hawmps.

Young actors today could learn a lot from studying the career of James Hampton. What they will find is an actor that rarely has scene stealing roles, but always delivers. And most importantly, is always working. And for an actor, that's really what it's all about.

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