Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pamela Reed

Pamela Reed has been working in television and film since the late 1970's and even though there are some who may recognize her name and face, mainstream audiences would not consider her a Hollywood star.

No, instead of being famous, she's an actor, and a very good one at that. Early in her career, though, she seemed to be on the "fame" path with her critically acclaimed performance as Belle Starr  in The Long Riders.

But what should have led to more great roles, only seemed to get her supporting and smaller parts in films like Melvin and Howard  and The Right Stuff. She fared better in television with major roles in the HBO political series, Tanner '88 and the terrorist thriller, Jericho.

As an actress, Pamela Reed is as good as they get and if Hollywood knew what it was doing, she would not only be offered many award worthy roles, but would probably have by now at least one statuette. I guess that's the price of fame, or lack of it.

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