Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jeremy Davies

Jeremy Davies is one of those actors whose performances quietly sneak up on you and then hit you over the head. Physically, he doesn't look the type that could control ones attention, and that's what makes his presence even more powerful.

Often cast in ensemble projects, he usually stands out above the pack. This couldn't be more evident than in the Tom Hanks ensemble classic, Saving Private Ryan, where Jeremy Davies not only steals focus from Hanks, but from a slew of other Not Very Famous...but should be actors as well.

He did the same for television with stand out performances in Lost  and Justified. And even though his ensemble work is admirable, he's even better with leading roles like Ray Aibelli, the boy who carries on an incestuous relationship with his mother in Spanking the Monkey, and as Charles Manson in the made-for-television remake of Helter Skelter.

How much longer can Jeremy Davies fly under the radar? Probably forever, for if mainstream Hollywood hasn't knocked down his door by now, it's a good chance he'll continue to do award worthy work while staying Not Very Famous, which most likely suits him just fine.

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