Monday, September 10, 2012

Ron Silver

Ron Silver had the intensity of Al Pacino, but never the real break out role to make him a Hollywood star. He certainly had the talent and was well known and respected within the industry and he earned that respect by delivering solid performances in all types of movies and television shows for over three decades.

He was a working actor with a career full of memorable roles in less than memorable films like Blue Steel, Silent Rage, Timecop and Mr. Saturday Night, just to name a few.

However, it was his more serious "art" type work that brought out the best of Ron Silver. His roles in Garbo Talks, Enemies: A Love Story, Ali, Reversal of Fortune and TV's The West Wing, are prime examples of an actor that gives, takes and delivers time after time after time.

Sadly, he lost his battle with esophageal cancer in 2009, cutting short a wonderful career and robbing the world of thought provoking performances that could have been. His name may not live on, but his work will. And as long as his movies and television appearances are available to watch, then it's a given that someone, somewhere will sit through the credits and discover the talents of Ron Silver.

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