Friday, December 14, 2012

Nat Faxon

Nat Faxon has had many breaks in Hollywood, including winning an Oscar for adapting the screenplay for The Descendents. However, his big opportunity to make him a household name has yet to happen and may never will.

That's because Nat Faxon is a member of an elite group known as working actors. And although name recognition may someday land him meatier roles, it's more likely that he'll continue working under the radar with quality work in television, movies and commercials for a long, long time.

He's been in quite a few films, like Beerfest, Walk Hard and Bad Teacher, but the roles on his film resume are very small and have gone unnoticed by the public eye.  It's his commercial work that has gotten him the most recognition with featured parts in spots for State Farm, Blockbuster and Holiday Inn, just to name a few. This guy seems to work all of the time as he always seems to be spotted in one commercial after another.

For now, Nat Faxon seems to have found his medium in television. He was a regular on the short-lived and under-appreciated series Grosse Point and got some recognition as Ben on another short-lived sitcom, Ben and Kate. His charm is that he doesn't look like an actor. In fact, he looks and acts just like one of the guys, which is why Nat Faxon will always work and will most likely always be Not Very Famous.

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