Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Betty Buckley

Even though she's been in television and the movies for over three decades, Betty Buckley is more well known in the world of stage and music than she is with the other mediums. And while she's a Broadway star, she's never quite managed to transition herself to that level on the large and small screens.

After a small role in Carrie, she landed a high-profile job in the television show, Eight is Enough, where she replaced Diana Hyland who had died after the fourth episode. And while that is certainly a way to get noticed, she was known more at the time as the replacement actress than she was as an actress.

This lead to more television work and a noticeable role in the movie, Tender Mercies, where she was finally able to show off her singing abilities. And while that film gave Robert Duvall an Oscar, it did nothing at the box office and Betty Buckley was once again a Broadway star working in film and television obscurity.

She's still a working actress and has done solid work in everything from the movie Frantic to the television show, Oz. Even though she has the talent to have it all, she never had that breakthrough role to change her destiny, making Betty Buckley my pick of the day for Not Very Famous...but should be.

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  1. I love Betty Buckley - such a talented woman - and I do agree she should have been a major star. But she's not the Hollywood type, I think.