Monday, March 4, 2013

Bruno Kirby

Bruno Kirby was never a household name, but every time he appeared in a movie one couldn't help but wonder if that particular role would be the one that finally got him noticed. Often cast as the fast-talking best friend, this likeable actor helped make many a film better just by his mere presence.

Film buffs probably know him best as Young Clemenza  in The Godfather Part II  and mainstream audiences will remember him as Billy Crystal's best friend in both When Harry Met Sally  and City Slickers. Any supporting actor would be proud to have those films on their resume, but for Bruno Kirby those movies were just icing on the cake.

With over thirty years of memorable performances in films like Almost Summer, Where the Buffalo Roam, This Is Spinal Tap, Good Morning Vietnam, The Freshman, Sleepers and Donnie Brasco, he proved to be a major Hollywood talent capable of both comedy and drama, as well as an actor that could steal a scene away from its star with ease.

Sadly, Bruno Kirby passed away in 2006 at the young age of 57, just three weeks after being diagnosed with Leukemia. His passing leaves an unfinished legacy to what might have been. But unlike many other actors, due to his charm and ever-present talent, his fifteen minutes of fame will last forever as his movies will live on for generations.

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  1. Don't forget his small but memorable role in Cinderella Liberty, where he had that long walk on shore duty with James Caan -- very funny character with his non-stop talking. I didn't know he'd passed away, far too young.