Friday, March 8, 2013

Clint Howard

If you're a Ron Howard fan then you probably think that the famous director cast his little brother in small, insignificant roles in his movies just as a family obligation. However, if you are a fan of low budget cinema, then you know this is not the case, for Clint Howard has proven that as an actor he can act rings around his famous director brother.

Like his more famous sibling, he started out as a child actor. His big break was in the family show, Gentle Ben, but that didn't prove to be the hit that the Andy Griffith Show was for his brother. As he aged, Clint Howard guest starred in a wide variety of television shows like Family Affair, The Virginian and Night Gallery  just to name a few.

And while he often appears in many of his brothers films, like Apollo 13 and Cocoon, it's his low budget career with unknown directors that has proven to be the calling card of Clint Howard. Check out his work in Rock 'n Roll High School, Evilspeak  or The Ice Cream Man  if you don't believe me.

Even though his work in everything he does is quite good, the words, "award winning" will most likely never come before his name. As actors go, though, Clint Howard works steady and for an actor that's all that really matters. Congratulations Mister Howard for being the pick of the day for Not Very Famous...but should be.


  1. I would think without looking that Clint's film career is much larger than brother Ron's. Ron may have the fame but Clint has more film titles on his resume. Like the Swayze brothers the Howards are just as different in looks.

  2. Didn't Clint play the loony killer in that episode of SEINFELD when they went to Los Angeles? I think so. He is a kind of actor that you remember. I've always known he was Ron Howard's brother, but always thought he had a pretty good career on his own.

  3. I think I remember him staring in an episode of 'The Outer Limits' ...the origional series...he was a genious kid who discovered that the sun was dying, soon, and the planet wold then freeze over.

    I watched this episode in the very early 1070's...I was 6 to 8 years old...

    Anyone else remember this? Have the name of the episode?

    It left a huge mark on me...

  4. The episode your thinking of is from 'Night Gallery" second season. It's called 'The Boy Who Prdicted Earthquakes' from 1971. Clint would have been too young for The Outer Limits since it was created in 1963 and would only be about four years old.

  5. And of course Clint Howard was ... Balok, from the very first filmed Season 1 episode of Star Trek in 1966

  6. First of all I would say the majority of people that have seen him in movies never knew that he was Ron's brother... having said that, he was an all right actor in his various films, he stood his ground but never anything to write home about.. Who knows, given a leading part he might astound us all..