Thursday, February 2, 2017

Richard Bright

Richard Bright was a working actor and a very good one at that. His biggest claim to fame was that he appeared in all three Godfather films as Al Neri, the calm and cool bodyguard of Michael Corelone. As an actor in that gangster franchise he will live forever as a member of one of the greatest acting ensembles ever assembled on film.

His casting in those epics was no fluke as this theatre trained professional could hold his own with any actor in any medium. His name usually appeared further down the credits, which makes his work even more impressive since he often didn't have a main character to fall back on. And yet, his scenes in the variety of work he left behind are ideal examples of an actor that was always at the top of his craft.

Although most recognized for The Godfather films, it's really the rest of his work that shows the true power, charisma and subtle intensity that Richard Bright brought to his many characters. His screen time was often short, but always worth checking out. Some of his other memorable performances can be found in The Ref, Hair and Looking for Mr. Goodbar, just for starters.

A true actor is not a star, but rather a small piece of an ensemble telling a story. Richard Bright always contributed that small piece to the whole picture. And those pictures are richer because of his contributions.

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